Toyota Central Asia

Service Info

Keep your car in top condition woth proper service

Pre-Delivery Service

To assure your satisfaction with the appearance and performance of your new Toyota vehicle, your dealer is responsible to perform specified factory-approved services for cleaning, inspecting, and testing of your Toyota vehicle.
This is done to ensure that your Toyota vehicle is delivered to you in top condition after being shipped from the factory.

Free 1,000 KM Maintenance Service

On purchasing your vehicle from a Toyota dealer you are entitled to the Free 1,000 KM Service upon presentation of your Toyota Warranty Booklet to your Toyota Dealer.
This maintenance service shall be performed in accordance with your Owner’s Manual at no charge except for any lubricants, fluids or filters used since they are regular maintenance service items.

How to get assistance

Information Needed

In the event a problem arises, please be prepared with the following information:

– An accurate description of the problem including the conditions under which it occurs;
– Vehicle model and year;
– Vehicle Identification number (VIN);
– Present KM reading;
– Date of purchase;
– Selling & servicing dealer;
– Service history of your vehicle;

Step 1: Talk to your Toyota dealer

This is your most direct way to resolve your problems.
Every Toyota dealer is ultimately responsible for providing the service and repairs you may need. First talk to the service manager or to the customer relations staff. Explain the condition fully. If you feel that your problem has not been resolved, speak to the dealers owner or General Director who is most interested in your continued satisfaction and patronage.

If your dealer is unable to provide a solution…

Step 2: Contact your Distributor

Contact the Customer Relations Department of the Toyota Distributor listed in the Warranty Registration card in your warranty booklet