Toyota Central Asia FZE is the official exclusive distributor of Toyota Products in 3 Central Asian States, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

      Ever since the establishment of Toyota Central Asia FZE in October 2015, we have been putting emphasis on reaching out to our customers in each countries. Together with our Official Dealers and Official network, we want to bring happiness and enjoyment to the people of Central Asia owning Toyota products.

      Year 2019 marks the point that we are localizing our activities in each countries.

  • In January, the operation of Summit Motors Central Asia FC LLC, the regional distributor for Uzbekistan market in Tashkent, Uzbekistan has started.
  • In Autumn we are expected to start operation of the branch office

The phrase “Customer peace of mind is our business” is our key direction.

          To us, selling cars is not the goal of our business, rather, it is only the beginning of our long term relationship with our clients. Based on trust we create, including those derived from after sales services, we would like the owner of Toyota to feel the safety and care that we devote so much about.

        We are committed to be loyal to our clients and give maximum care and make clients sit back and relax owning Toyota by just contacting our network.

We are more than delighted to be contacted at the following offices of ours.